Second Spectrum announces multi-year partnership with NBA

Updated:2024-03-20 10:55    Views:66

Per the partnership, Second Spectrum has been named as an Official NBA League Pass Augmentation Provider and an Official NBA Team Basketball Analytics Provider.

Both companies will collaborate on the Dragon project, which will be a next-generation technology platform.

It will use video technology to synthesize millions of on-court basketball points and analyse this data using machine-learned video indexing software.

Once analysed, this data can be used to create augmented graphics that cover statistical team and player insights, which will be broadcast on telecasts for the NBA League Pass.

Viewers of this stream will have access to an optional telecast, which will focus heavily on analytics throughout the game. The data will be presented in real-time, without interrupting the live match broadcast.

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports,Play Casino Online said of the deal: “As one of the most technologically advanced leagues in world sport, NBA teams, fans, broadcasters and media partners demand cutting-edge innovations.

“We’re thrilled to expand our long-term partnership with the NBA. We are proud that the NBA shares our vision that Dragon can solve the technology challenges of the future. ”

Second Spectrum will also receive official NBA tracking data, which will be integrated into Genius Sports’ basketball insights and analytics engine.

Genius Sports will continue to deliver its services to the other 30 NBA teams, who collectively use the data analysis provided by Second Spectrum for basketball insights and decision-making.

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